Drive sales, cut costs, and reduce waste with Portal.


The Portal Bowl makes switching to reusable containers easy.  

44 oz capacity fits most restaurant offerings and serving sizes from salads to warm grain bowls and soup to sandwiches.

One Size Fits All

Tight nested stacking makes the Portal Bowl ideal for restaurants’ limited shelf space.

Shapely Utility

Portal Bowls are durable and designed to be used under strenuous conditions such as in high heat commercial dishwashers. They can be used hundreds of times before being recycled at their end of life.

Commercial Dishwasher Safe

Gone is the need for stickers or paper ticket order processing. Wet erase marker compatibility makes it possible to write order information directly on the lid or bowl and wash off when cleaned.

More Efficient Operation

Offer Portal Swap, a scalable solution to single-use takeout packaging.

It Works Like This


Retail Portal Bowls at your restaurant(s). Drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.


Stock a "pool" of Portal Bowls at your restaurant to have on hand when customers bring in a bowl.


Serve your Portal customer in a fresh bowl from your pool. Clean their bowl per health codes and restock your pool.


Pass savings from reduced packaging costs on to your customers by providing discounts or free toppings to incentivize participation.

By offering Portal Swap, you will cut costs from needing to purchase fewer disposable containers and your restaurant will be joining a network of restaurants offering the service. This will create a network effect that will help drive sales and improve customer loyalty.


And by integrating Portal Swap into your operations you will be in compliance with health department codes. Contact us to learn more at

Why It Matters

Running a Restaurant is Demanding.

We get it. With Portal you can save money, streamline operations, and improve your brand image at the same time!

Do Your Part. 

NYC alone produces over 1.2 million pounds of single-use takeout packaging waste each year. Help reduce that and you’ll help save plastic from the ocean, food from landfills, and CO2 from contributing to climate change.

Be a Change Leader.

Plastic bags are being banned and to-go containers are right around the corner. Stay ahead of the curve by pledging to adopt Portal today.

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