Reusables vs Disposables

What's wrong with compostable or recyclable containers? Aren't those green?

The unfortunate truth is that only 8% of recyclable plastics ever get recycled. And most compostable containers don't end up being composted either. Both are wasteful to produce, transport, and break down. Simply put, they are far from a zero waste solution.

I only get take-out or delivery a few times a week. What's the big deal?

With an estimated 242 million tons of plastic waste generated globally each year, our use of disposables is adding up.* Toxic chemicals from plastic are finding their way into our food supply and into our bodies with still unknown repercussions. We all need to do our part and collectively end our dependence on single-use disposables.

How are reusables better? After all, they aren't waste free either.

It is estimated that after an average of just 18 uses, reusable containers have a lower carbon footprint than disposables. While eliminating our take-out and delivery habits would be best, reusables offer a more sustainable solution than single-use disposables. (Portal bowls are durable enough to be used hundreds of times)

I prefer my take-out to be in previously unused containers. Why would I trust reusables?

You eat off of reused dishes in your home and at restaurants without any problems, right? Portal containers are washed and sanitized in commercial dish washing processes per Department of Health regulations and are completely safe to use. Plus, Portal containers are durable, sturdy and elegant. They provide a more enjoyable dining experience.

I get that it's better for the environment but what's in it for me?

Besides being more eco-friendly and convenient to use, Portal will soon develop a cloud-based application that will make it easy to provide direct incentives such as; cash back, credit card points, discounts at your favorite eateries, free toppings, and other rewards. It's a win-win for everyone.

* Statistics from Waste 2.0 published by the International World Bank, September 20, 2018.

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