Introducing the Portal Bowl, a stylish reusable to-go meal container. 


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What makes the Portal Bowl better

Portal Bowls will be made from FDA approved polypropylene, be BPA free, with a smooth surface that is easy to clean and sanitize.

Food Safe

The Portal Bowl is break resistant, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and designed to be used hundreds of times before being recycled at the end of its life.

Built To Last

A tightly sealable lid ensures your meal stays put even if it not upright.

Thoughtful Design

Portal Bowls are great for packing your own lunch or storing leftovers. Better yet, they are also designed to be accepted at restaurants when you want to order meals to-go. We call this Portal Swap.

Use at Restaurants

Portal Swap is a scalable solution to single-use take-out packaging.

Did you know that most cities' health departments (including NYC) prohibit restaurants from accepting outside food containers from customers? It's a public safety issue. Restaurants must serve customers in containers from the back of house. 


Portal Swap conveniently works within this framework by supplying restaurants with Portal Bowls that they keep clean and stocked.

Here's How It Works


Drop off your Portal Bowl at a participating restaurant.


Order as usual.


Be served in a fresh Portal Bowl.

Repeat whenever you want meals to-go. Enjoy!

Why It Matters

1 Portal Bowl eliminates

Portal wants you to have a better take-out dining experience that is healthier for your body and for the planet. 

1. Did you know that many compostable single-use containers contain PFAS, toxic compounds that never break down and are linked to cancer and other health issues? Portal Bowls are PFAS free.

2. Did you know that less than 8% of plastics are recycled globally. Through Portal Swap, we will be better equipped to recapture our bowls at the end of their life cycle (when they are damaged or worn out). We will ensure that they are properly recycled.

3. Did you know that the constant need to manufacture, transport, and dispose of single-use food packaging is a major contributor of climate change? By switching to Portal for your take-out meals, you will reduce your carbon footprint by up to 1,200lbs annually.

4. Did you know that food and food packaging makes up 45% of the contents of landfills and that over a third of trash ends up in the environment where it threatens wildlife and contaminates our food supply? Each time you use a Portal Bowl, you will help save over 800,000 tons of take-out packaging from landfills and oceans annually.

400+ disposable bowls

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